Lettings Advice

Letting out your property can be daunting process. If you have a question, no matter how big or small, feel free to contact for our “no pressure” help & guidance.

Active Property Management

In a professional opinion there is no such thing as the “perfect tenant”, as with any asset a property and the tenant need to be actively managed in order to ensure that things run smoothly and there are no sudden surprises. Routine property visits and open communication with the tenant helps to build and keep agood relationship allowing for any issues to be picked up and rectified at an early stage.

“a happy tenant is a quick paying long staying tenant…”

Maintenance & Repairs

As a landlord it is vital to ensure that all of those important odd jobs are done before your let your property. This ensures that things are safe and stops small problems quickly growing into larger more costly ones.

Clean & Tidy Home

Presenting your property the best way possible will help attract the best tenants possible. If required We have a great team of cleaners who add value by carrying out a full clean which we will personally oversee. Once a tenant has been found we would then expect them to return the property in the same condition at the end of their tenancy.

Reducing your Risk (Void Mitigation)

Empty periods can greatly affect the yield a landlord makes on their investment. Being prepared for a new tenant is paramount and getting your property let-right first time is essential in keeping the empty periods to an absolute minimum. In the case of our managed properties we aim for back to back lettings with only two to five days, if repairs, decorating or cleaning is needed, in between an old tenant moving out and the new tenant moving in. Our trust worthy and efficient team of workmen and cleaners are paramount in making this happen. This effective management practice often ensures our client’s up to two weeks extra rent per year!

“an empty property means increased risk for any landlord…”


If your property is vempty during the letting process then ensuring it is secure is paramount. We will regularly visit your property to carry our viewings and whilst there put away post to remove any signs that the property is vacant.

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