Terms & Conditions

1. TENANCY AGREEMENT – Unless otherwise agreed, iDealLets will prepare a 12 month assured short-hold tenancy agreement.

2. RENT – Unless otherwise agreed, the rent quoted to a Tenant on behalf of the landlord will be exclusive of the following outgoings; gas, electricity, telephone, council tax, water rates and where applicable, fuel oil. Unless otherwise agreed, where applicable the rent quoted to the Tenant on behalf of the Landlord will be inclusive of ground rent & service charge. The rent will be collected by iDealLets from the Tenant by standing order, cash or cheque. If the payment is not received promptly, iDealLets will endeavour to contact the Tenant and request payment of any sums owing. If iDealLets are unsuccessful, the Landlord will be advised, if appropriate, to take legal action to recover the arrears or seek possession of the Property. Rent is due on the same date as date of commencement of the agreement. iDealLets release funds between 3 to 7 days after collection.

3. REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS - iDealLets will deal, without any additional fee, with day to day management matters, including minor repairs up to a maximum of £200.00 for any one item. Except in an emergency, wherever practical, estimates are obtained and submitted to the landlord for approval in respect of works of redecoration, renewal or repair which are likely to cost more than £200.00. An additional supervisory fee of 10% of the total cost may be charged for supervising any major works requested by you. If any damage is caused by the negligence or failure of tradesmen specified by the Landlord, we, the agent, will not be held responsible. In an emergency, or where iDealLets feel the Tenant to be in danger as a result of a defect in any part of the Property or in/on any of the Landlords fixtures and fittings, or if the Landlord would be legally liable for any such defect and any death or injury it may cause, iDealLets reserve the right to spend whatever amount is necessary to rectify the defect immediately, and the Landlord agrees to reimburse iDealLets for all such emergency expenditure whether authorised or not. If Landlords have a preferred contractor who is not already used by iDealLets we will not accept responsibility for their public liability if we instruct on the Landlords behalf.

4. INSPECTION AND DEFECTS – iDealLets will investigate defects which come to our notice or which are clearly and adequately brought to our attention by the Tenant. iDealLets will inspect the Property every 3-4 months and will report to the Landlord thereon. Such inspections extend only to apparent defects and would not amount in any way to a survey of the property. IDealLets do not inspect lofts or any areas without easy access and we accept no responsibility for hidden and latent defects. All visits are subject to access being approved by the residing tenant/s.

5. FIRE AND FURNISHINGS – (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1998. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1994 GAS SAFETY (INSTALLATION AND USE) REGULATIONS 1994 (AMENDMENT NO.2)1996. – The Landlord must comply with the above regulations in every way. iDealLets can accept no responsibility or liability for a Landlord failing to comply with these regulations.

6. INVENTORY - The inventory is used to assess dilapidations at the end of tenancy, thus the importance of a good inventory cannot be stressed enough. iDealLets can supply a photographic inventory. However, iDealLets stress that should the Landlord provide the inventory, he/she should provide iDealLets with a document or photographs detailing the condition of a property room by room, together with a listing of the contents of each room. If the Landlord fails to provide an adequate inventory and does not instruct iDealLets to carry out a photographic inventory, then iDealLets cannot be involved in the case of a fixtures & fittings dispute.

7. DEPOSIT - A deposit of at least one months rent will be collected from the Tenant by iDealLets (unless specified otherwise by the Landlord) before/on completion of the Tenancy Agreement. This will be transferred to the Deposit Protection Scheme within 30 days as required by Governing Law. iDealLets are entitled to retain any interest accrued on rents and deposits held. In the case of a dispute, where a professional inventory has been carried out, we will liaise with the Tenant and/or The Dispute Service for resolution.

8. UTILITIES - iDealLets will write to the relevant Utility Company/Council Tax office notifying of a change in occupant as a matter of courtesy. iDealLets cannot be held liable for the Utility Company/Council Tax Office failing to amend their records.

9. REFERENCES - iDealLets have an agreement with an external credit referencing company who will collate the necessary references including credit searches on iDealLets behalf. A Tenant will not be granted occupation of the Property without providing references that are deemed to be acceptable by iDealLets.

10. KEYS - The Landlord must provide iDealLets with TWO full sets of keys for the Property. Where iDealLets are not supplied as such, any cost incurred by iDealLets in having keys cut will be charged out to the Landlord.

11. INSURANCE - The Landlord is responsible for adequately insuring the Property and, if applicable, its contents. It is the responsibility of the Landlord to inform any existing insurer(s) that the Property is being let.

12. MORTGAGE – If applicable, it is assumed that the Landlord has already obtained the necessary permissions and meets the necessary requirements from/of the mortgage lender in order to let the Property.

13. RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS - The Landlord is responsible for informing IDealLets of any restrictive covenants affecting the title of the Property which need to be included in the tenancy agreement. The responsibility for obtaining any consents or permissions required by such restrictive covenants lies with the Landlord.

14. TAX LIABILITY FOR NON-UK RESIDENT LANDLORDS - Under current UK legislation, management agents are held responsible for payment of non-UK resident Landlords UK tax. iDealLets will therefore, in these circumstances, deduct tax at current rates on net rents. The Landlord may apply to the Inland Revenue to allow iDealLets to pay him gross.

15. PURCHASE BY PARTY INTRODUCED BY IDEALLETS - In the event of a party introduced by iDealLets subsequently purchasing the Property, whether before or after entering into a tenancy agreement, commission may be payable to iDealLets on completion of the sale at a rate of 1.5% of the sale price plus VAT (if applicable), unless an alternative prior agreement has been made.

16. INDEMNITIES - The Landlord agrees to indemnify iDealLets as Agents against any cost, expenses or liabilities incurred or imposed on iDealLets provided that they were incurred on the Landlords behalf in pursuit of an Agents normal course of duties. iDealLets make every effort and endeavour to ensure that the Landlord has the protection allowed in law to enable him/her to obtain possession of the property. In addition every effort is made to provide the Landlord with a satisfactory Tenant but no responsibility or liability can be accepted by iDealLets for damage caused to the Property, or its contents, by the Tenant or others. iDealLets will not be liable to the Landlord in respect of any references requested on prospective Tenants being wrongly given by the tenant. iDealLets will not be responsible for the security of Properties either occupied or unoccupied unless damage is caused as the direct result of negligence on iDealLets’ part.

17. SOLE AGENTS - The Tenant Finder Fee is subject to the Landlord agreeing that iDealLets shall be the Sole Letting Agent (In the case of a joint agency agreement the Tenant Finder Fee will be subject to an additional £250.00). Joint agency includes, the Landlord using one or more agents to advertise the Property for let, and/or the Landlord advertising the Property for let privately.

18. TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT: This agency agreement may be terminated on the following terms only; a) Before a tenancy application is processed by either the Landlord or iDealLets giving notice in writing to terminate immediately. b) After a tenancy application is processed but before a Tenant signs a binding tenancy agreement, by either the Landlord or IDealLets giving notice in writing to terminate immediately. c) A Landlord cannot terminate our management agreement whilst a tenancy is in place. Termination of management must be in writing. d) IDealLets reserve the right to terminate this agreement in writing with immediate effect. N.B. IF THE TENANT THEN TAKES A TENANCY ON THE PROPERTY AFTER THE LANDLORD HAS WITHDRAWN THE PROPERTY FROM THE AGENT, THE FULL LETTING/ADMIN FEE WILL BE PAYABLE BY THE LANDLORD.

19. SECTION 21 - We serve a section 21 Notice to obtain possession of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy upon receipt of the Landlord’s written instruction.

20. TENANT MISUSE - iDealLets will not be responsible for any immoral purposes including the use of any illegal drugs which become prohibited or restricted by statute. iDealLets Management Service and/or staff employed by iDealLets Management Services cannot be held responsible for any misuse or negligence by the tenant. If the tenant uses the Property for illegal or immoral use, iDealLets will not be liable for any damages for any repairs to the Property.

21. COMMISSIONS & INTERESTS - Any commissions, interest or other income earned by ourselves while carrying out our duties as agent for the letting and/or management of the property will be retained by the company.

22. DISCLAIMER - iDealLets will carry out all services with a reasonable and professional care and skill, but do not guarantee or provide any warranty about the suitability of Tenants or Guarantors, timely rental payments, or the ability to obtain vacant possession at the end of the tenancy term.

23. THIRD PARTY RIGHTS - A person who is not a party to this agreement has no rights under the Contacts (Rights or Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any terms of this Agreement.

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